My Journey to a Plant based Lifestyle- The Real Me

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My journey to a 100% plant-based diet was not easy, AT ALL. People think that vegans just wake up and become this way. Most people I know that transitioned had health problems whether it was a chronic illness or small issues like skin irritations, or were just overweight. I ate meat my whole life, it’s how most of us are raised, we are introduced to it in our household since birth. It’s the American way. Especially in predominantly black households, soul food is LIFE. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some macaroni and cheese and stuffing during thanksgiving. And dairy? don’t get me started, you couldn’t get me away from cinnamon buns and donuts as a kid. I was never the sugary candy kind of kid, I loved chocolates and cakes. But don’t let me get your mouth to watering. I grew up with 2 brothers and my grandmother and my aunt on my dad’s side raised us. My brothers were fine for the most part, but me? I got sick ALOT. Every winter I was sneezing and coughing, and it seemed to never go away. It was like this for me my whole life, and my grandmother always contributed it to me wetting my hair and going outside or not wearing turtlenecks in the summertime.Haha. She was insane sometimes. No matter how many layers I wore, or the amount of times I flat ironed my hair so she wouldn’t yell at me for wearing it curly and wet, I still would get sick all the time. It was like this for me even into my college days. In fact, it was worse. I started drinking and smoking AND wetting my hair and not wearing layers so it was not a pretty sight. 

After I graduated I started to eat less  and less red meat, and more chicken and fish. This in part due to my best friend Lauren who would send me videos of cows being tortured alive, among other animals. I always loved animals, but because of the way society was built for us, we are constantly moving and going to work, then out to lunch, to this social event, to the gym, we barely have time to just sit with our thoughts most days. So I never really stopped to even think about where my food was coming from and how it was prepared. When she started sending me those videos I began to wake up. I’m like “this is wrong”, and I started to stray away, not completely just yet. Every week it was 2-3 days of chicken and the rest of the days consisted of mostly seafood, vegetables and carbs. I became more curious about what in the hell I was eating my whole life and began to watch documentaries like “What The Health”, and “Supersize Me”. After watching these it honestly changed my life. I used to be one of those people that ignored signs from the universe or saw the signs and still chose to stay blind and in my comfort zone. But the universe woke me up, or God or whatever higher power out there that you believe in, WOKE ME UP. And I truly believe that I was woken up so that I could help wake other people up. Once you obtain knowledge and expertise on a certain subject, it’s not really for you to keep for yourself. We must share the knowledge like Jesus did, in order to create a better world. 

It’s so funny that as soon as I was ready, I ended up meeting a guy named Herb. Yes his name is Herb. I know right! I help people heal with herbs and the first person I met on my vegan journey’s name was Herb. Life is funny as hell sometimes. Any who, when we met he was about a month into being plant-based and when we started dating I was still smoking a lot of weed and eating junk (cinnamon buns and donuts) at night. We met around September 2018 and he probably doesn’t remember this but he called me one afternoon and was like “wyd” & I had just rolled up a fat blunt and was about to smoke. He then asked me, “did you get everything done that you needed to get done today”. I honestly hadn’t, so he said “well why are you smoking then?”, and that changed my whole perspective around smoking. I tried out a plant based diet with him in the months of November and December of 2018 but I struggled.I would go 5 days with no chicken or seafood then I would cave in and order my favorite rice noodle bowl from honeygrow down the street from me in Fishtown. I then decided that January 1st I was cutting it all out, completely. No animal of any kind, no seafood, no dairy, no weed and no hookah. All at once. 

I DID IT. the first couple of days were extremely hard, I had hot and cold flashes, really bad headaches, and I didn’t know what to eat half the time, I was eating a lot of those beyond burgers and frozen vegan burritos from whole foods. Herb was a whole chef and when we were together we made some amazing meals. He was a great cook when he wasn’t vegan so he brought those talents into the kitchen for our vegan dinner nights. He taught me how to be more creative with my meals and experiment more. God places people in your life when you need them, you just have to open your eyes and see what he is unfolding for you. I’m about 2.5 years in and I feel amazing! I strayed away from those processed vegan meats and I’m like 85% raw vegan now. That came with researching and learning about different herbs and their medicinal properties. Which led me down an extraordinary path. I discovered Dr. Sebi and his teachings and that’s what got me into plant medicine. I was anemic my whole life and when I became vegan I felt even more cold, so I had to figure out exactly what veggies I needed to eat and how much of it to get my iron levels up.

I am no longer anemic and in such a short period of time I learned how to heal so many things just from having friends and family that had problems and here I go, always trying to fix shit. LOL. But in all seriousness I’ve been this way my whole life, a giver. I was always super emotional about people. I just care about people and I just want the best for everyone. No matter if they are my family or friends or not. I care about the collective. I discovered that I was an empath, so I feel other’s pain so very deeply and, I would tend to take on other peoples problems. I have learned to care about others in a more healthier way, as to not disrupt my own life, but I still fall victim to it sometimes. But I am a healer, it’s what I do, it’s who I AM.

I never thought that life would have taken me on THIS journey, but you can always have a vision and a plan but it never turns out the way you envisioned it. Most of the time it turns out even better than you ever expected. I now help so many people heal themselves with plants and become plant based and it all starts with shifting your mindset. We all have an unhealthy addiction to food. We are programmed to think that food is supposed to taste good and if it doesn’t then we shouldn’t eat it. We are programmed to gather with friends on a Friday night and knock back some beers, order a bunch of pizzas and watch Netflix. It’s time to change that narrative. Everything that’s good for you does not taste good. We are supposed to EAT TO LIVE, not live to eat. And I’m guilty of it too. When I’m not fasting I eat constantly throughout the day. As Americans our portions of food are so much bigger than that of other countries. If we are not completely full and wanting to take a nap we think we’re hungry. It’s all in our minds. So let me guide and educate you on what your body truly needs and what you need to leave behind in order to live a healthy and abundant life. You can have long lasting energy, glowing skin and shiny hair. You can have a snatched waistline and still eat tasty ass food. Most of what you were eating before has a vegan version of it that is super good and probably tastes way better! You just have to balance it with tons of veggies, fruits, grains and lots of water. I’ll show you! Just be open-minded and willing to let go of those bad habits, it’s going to be hard at first, but let me tell YOU! It will be worth it.