eat to live don’t live to eat

“Raising your vibration means elevating your way of thinking and understanding. Our goal is to transform people’s way of thinking about what they put into their body & to help people realize that anything can be cured and healed with herbs and plants grown from the earth.”

Lacey Love

Welcome to my world of wellness. My work in healing as a holistic wellness educator and plant based coach is based on my ancestral knowledge of herbs, yoga and meditation woven with life skills and experiences. My journey began when I found myself immersed in books on healing, astronomy, astrology, and nature and mixing up herbal remedies for myself and for my family/friends. I grew up in poverty and we lacked the basic knowledge of nutrition. That left my brothers and I malnourished and ill sometimes. I then found out I was anemic and soon after that I realized that mental illness was a big problem amongst my family members as well. My curiosity to repair my families physical, mental and spiritual health led me to studying up on Dr. Sebi and his teachings. I then met his son who showed me a lot of what I know about holistic healing and through meeting him I have met so many other herbalists around the world who have passed down their knowledge to me and I use those teachings in my everyday life. I believe that we already possess the medicine within us to deeply heal ourselves and the earth provides us with all of the plants and sun you could ever need to flourish. Plants=healing. It has become my duty to reconnect with the efforts of generations before me and offer the teachings authentically to those in search of healing and light. If you are curious about meeting yourself and cultivating a healthier life rooted in holistic and natural healing , yoga, meditation, empowerment, love, acceptance, awareness and abundance, let’s connect!

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