“Some of the major benefits of sea moss are an incredible amount of vitamins, helps to build a strong immune system, and my favorite, gets rid a mucus from the respiratory system. It’s hard to gage exactly how well these benefits are really doing until you see hard results. I have sleep apnea. Which means I wake up every single day with mucus to release from my system…one day of sea moss and that problem in particular was gone. Now telling how greatly impactful sea-moss has been to my sleeping patterns I could only imagine that the other benefits were working their magic as well. Her sea moss prepared my body to fight Covid let alone helped lesson some of the harsh symptoms Covid induces, because the only symptoms that I had to deal with was my loss of smell and a runny nose. I even had energy to spare. Exercising was a part of my daily routine during quarantine. Along with lots of water herbal teas with turmeric, ginger, lemon, honey, and seamoss. I wouldn’t be able to beat Covid with ease without seamoss 🙏

Terrance Harden

“Lacey is a true healer. She sent me a jar of sea moss along with a bunch of other goodies for my birthday. I am in the gym everyday and actively trying to eat better so I wanted to incorporate sea moss into my life so it came at the perfect time. I put a couple spoonfuls into my smoothie and I never had this much energy EVER while working out. I’m usually dragging myself to the gym but that first day I took it I was on fire!, she has a powerful healing energy that goes into her products & she knows so much about what the body needs and doesn’t need.

Lauren Melendez

“I bought some elderberry syrup & sea moss from Lacey when I was feeling like I was about to get sick, I was really tired and I had flem in my throat. I took one spoonful of the elderberry syrup around 9pm and I had so much energy to the point where I couldn’t go to sleep at my normal I was so focused, and the grogginess & throat pain went away instantly, it was crazy. I live by this stuff now!”

Melissa Scott Walker

“Ryvwellness sea moss helped me recover from an illness that came with headaches, nausea & heavy fatigue for over 48 hours. I felt significantly re-energized & healthier after taking the sea moss within the same day, and it tastes great, highly recommend it ASAP!”


“I’ve been getting sea moss from @ryvwellness for over a year, and I honestly don’t remember life before it. It gives me so much energy depending on how many spoonfuls I take, but most of the time when I take it I feel like I can lift a house! It helps me stay focused, and I also feel smarter after I take it. “

Michael Reid

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